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As we get closer to our first real classes, people are starting to ask me questions about money – quite reasonably. Here is everything you wanted to know about finance that I have an answer to:

  • How much does UCS charge for the journalism degree?
    According to the postgraduate fees page, £5,490 in total for UK/EU students and £9,000 international. That is the 2012-2013 price and could change next year. For individual modules, £610 for UK and £1,000 international, according to the same page (on 18 Feb 2013).
  • What grants are currently available?
    If you are a UCS graduate, you get 10% off further study.
    If you work for UCS and your supervisor is OK with it, further study is free. (See Corporate Development Policy, section 7.1, Fee Waiver.)
    There are a few Postgraduate Solutions Bursaries nationwide.
    I will try to post any journalism prizes, competitions or internships on the @ucsjournalism Twitter feed as I hear of them. There’s one there now, from Vogue  for young writers.
  • When do students pay the fees?
    Once they have enrolled they will be issued an invoice. The invoice is payable in full within 30 days unless they wish to pay by direct debit.
    Alternatively, students can pay in monthly instalments by direct debit from March until June (I was asking about the single module for this term – D); a direct debit mandate is available on MyUCS (the internal computer system).
  • What about those who are working for UCS?
    They should complete a staff development form on MyUCS. A copy of the form should be sent to the Finance Department so they can amend the fee.

If you have other routine questions that I could get answered and put up here for all, please let me know. I haven’t got information on career development loans and other aspects of student finance – for those questions, students are advised to talk to the UCS Infozone which can tap expertise from Finance and Student Support.

One thing I can help with, though. If you have the possibility to get funding for a module or course from your employer (these are career skills, after all) or or you have found a way to request funding as part of a grant for e.g. community work or art or entrepreneurship – if you have located such an opportunity and you need a statement or want to talk over the application, please get in touch with me and I will try to help.

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