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Links on subediting/copy editing and particularly the career of the legendary US copy editor Eleanor Gould Packard:

Current copy editing practice at the The New Yorker: an interview with Mary Norris by literary agent and blogger Andrew Ross Cody

Eleanor Gould Packard, 87, Editor Who Oversaw the New Yorker’s Prose, Dies, obituary by Betsy Wade in the New York Times – feels like that headline could have been better edited

Miss Eleanor Gould ’38, Grammarian Extraordinaire, Holds the Line at The New Yorker, profile by Mavis Clark in the Oberlin alumni magazine

Life Outside Academe, profile of Eleanor Gould in the Key Reporter (academic honor society newsletter)

Facts Should Be the Oxygen of Journalism, reflections on fact-checking, Eleanor Gould and her husband the fact-checker, by Brendan Fizgerald in The Morning News

A Fact-Checking Primer, by Brendan Koerner in Slate

What ‘Fact-Checking’ Means Online, by Virginia Heffernan in the New York Times

Fourth Draft, a writer’s view of the process, by John McPhee in the New Yorker (Paris Review interview)