from the trenches to the catwalk

Thanks to David Randall for speaking to us last night. He demonstrated interview techniques, rated and slated the writing styles of the national press, and performed journo standup (which we hereby declare as a genre).

Next week’s event is quite different – a viewing and chat about a documentary on the fashion publishing industry, directed by R.J. Cutler who also produced The War Room, a doc about Bill Clinton’s 1993 presidential campaign. Come prepared to debate questions like: Is fashion relevant to modern life? How is fashion publishing like and unlike other consumer publishing, for example gadget and games publishing? Is creativity a property of individuals or teams, and where is it located at Vogue? When is management functional and when is it sheerly the play of power? What does a magazine issue cycle have in common with a presidential campaign? How did the team make a documentary film of a workplace process stretching over weeks and months? If you’re reading this, please join us and tell your friends.

Tuesday, September 17, 5 pm (ish) to 7:30 pm, Lecture Theatre 3, Arts Building.
Carol Brown who is head of the Division of Art & Design and is building our first BA (Hons) Fashion course will be our discussant.

Here is a nice pdf of the blurry jpeg below:

film september issue