first discussion

Tonight at 6 pm in Waterfront Building 602, we’re convening the first UCSjournalism meeting, considering questions like the following:

  • Is there a difference between national and local media, as suggested in the Leveson report? (Tip: the 48-page summary is a quick read, though elliptical in places.)
  • Do journalists have roles or responsibilities beyond reporting the news, such as building the public sphere? Should they have?
  • What’s the difference between journalists and ‘citizen media’ such as bloggers?
  • What kind of media do we want to have in Ipswich?
Everyone from the university and beyond is welcome to join us. These meetings will morph into a research seminar over time; there is no assigned reading for this one although I did flag up a chapter from Jay Rosen’s book on public journalism. The following meeting is in January – please let us know ( if you want to be on the mailing list.
In other news, we are offering the Digital Freelancing and Features module in the spring with a focus on arts writing – it can be taken standalone as continuing professional development  – and I’m planning a general journalism taster course as well. Details TK.