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UCS Journalism - ICR FM (16)

The “Battlestar Galactica” mixing desk at ICR, on which dozens of Ipswichers produced radio shows, has been decommissioned from the main studio and replaced by a new one a third the size, thanks to station manager Crank. It feels like the historical moment when we went from CRTs to flat screens. Work surface has been reclaimed for other purposes. Headphones and laptops can now be put directly on the table rather than balanced on the mixer (which probably didn’t help its condition).

The old desk would like to thank Gary Hooker and other station staff who maintained it with duct tape and number 8 wire. For the time being, it lies in state in the eqipment area of the office. UCS Journalism student Mira Shareif (photos) was among the last cohort to train and do whole shows on it. You can listen to recent ICR Friday breakfasts with Mira, UCS Journalism students Karen Harradine and Natasha Cornwell, UCS Film student Sam Mulder, ICR presenter Izzy Lane, UCS Journalism lecturer Diana ben-Aaron, and friends at Mixcloud. You can also catch Mira on her current show at Radio Castle.

UCS Journalism - ICR FM (14)