autumn modules

IMG_5392These are the fall modules – still all part time as that is what the majority of the students want at present. Check the website or e-mail to learn more:

Reporting (20 credits)

Students become daily reporters in this module, reporting on government, police, crime, social services and sport. This is also the core module for writing on deadline, hard news style, critical thinking and news judgment. You will learn to tune in to news flows and cover a beat. Interview technique is refined.

This module runs Tuesday nights at UCS Ipswich. It is offered under the MA Journalism and as a result students should have a BA degree (any subject) or have worked in the media.

Research methods (20 credits)

The Master’s level demands in-depth research skills culminating in the dissertation and this module provides them. It covers economics, business, government, and demographics sources that are necessary for breaking news and investigative reporting. Online, paper and in-person methods are covered in depth. Students produce a detailed research paper on an area of interest, honing skills that can be used in other fields as well, and also present their findings in the form of a news story, practicing flexibility between different genres.

This module runs on Thursday nights at UCS Ipswich. It is offered under the MA Journalism and as a result students should have a BA degree (any subject) or have worked in the media.

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annals of boat anchors

UCS Journalism - ICR FM (16)

The “Battlestar Galactica” mixing desk at ICR, on which dozens of Ipswichers produced radio shows, has been decommissioned from the main studio and replaced by a new one a third the size, thanks to station manager Crank. It feels like the historical moment when we went from CRTs to flat screens. Work surface has been reclaimed for other purposes. Headphones and laptops can now be put directly on the table rather than balanced on the mixer (which probably didn’t help its condition).

The old desk would like to thank Gary Hooker and other station staff who maintained it with duct tape and number 8 wire. For the time being, it lies in state in the eqipment area of the office. UCS Journalism student Mira Shareif (photos) was among the last cohort to train and do whole shows on it. You can listen to recent ICR Friday breakfasts with Mira, UCS Journalism students Karen Harradine and Natasha Cornwell, UCS Film student Sam Mulder, ICR presenter Izzy Lane, UCS Journalism lecturer Diana ben-Aaron, and friends at Mixcloud. You can also catch Mira on her current show at Radio Castle.

UCS Journalism - ICR FM (14)