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Hello, UCS journalism blog. After tending @ucsjournalism on Twitter, my own blog, and the project described below, it’s time to take care of this corner of the social media garden.

The last month has been very exciting for the journalism programme:

  • I taught the four-session, free journalism taster course, which got an enormous response. More than 70 people showed up for the first class, and about half of them were still around at the end. They were a wonderful group from all segments of the community, from sixth-formers to UCS students and graduates to people coming from Colchester and Lowestoft at the end of the working day. Quite a few were already working in media in some form.
  • The group spent a lot of time discussing social media and one of the activities we have planned to keep in touch is a shared Twitter feed, @PeopleofIpswich, which will be written by a new person each week starting on Fridays. This is a species of social media called rotation curation; see @PeopleofLeeds for a more advanced example. An excellent chance to shine light into corners of Ipswich and Suffolk that others may overlook, or just liveblog street fairs and wildlife sightings.

Also, I hear there is work afoot to restart the UCS student newspaper. So we’re moving ahead on many levels.

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